Thursday, January 4, 2007

A NJ house hit by a meteorite?

On Tuesday night, an apparent meteor fell through the roof of a house in a small town in New Jersey. There is also a video of a news report of this occurrence although it is filled with the usual crap such news stories bring. Meteorite? Government conspiracy? Sigh.

Another apparent meteorite called the Hodge’s meteorite crashed through the roof of an Alabama home on November 30, 1954 in Sylacauga. Annie Hodges (the only person ever to be known to be hit by a falling meteorite) was sleeping on her couch when an eight pound stony meteorite crashed through her roof. It bounced off her console radio and hit her on her arm and leg, leaving her heavily bruised. The meteorite is on display at the Museum of Natural History at The University of Alabama.

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Proxima said...

Ok, first we have United Airlines employees seeing a UFO over O'Hare airport and now a falling meteor in New Jersey and we're only four days into 2007! Uhm, can I go back to 2006 please, pretty please?

Good luck with the A.A., if you find God will you tell him I said "Hello".