Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Miscellaneous Photos from Today…

The camellia blossoms in the backyard.

Same image as above modified using the colored pencil tool in Photoshop. Click for a high resolution view.

Maggie has the right idea in front of the heater on her favorite chair (crystallized).


Proxima said...

Ah, looks like someone else has been playing in photoshop. Which effect is that on Maggie, Glass?

What a photogenic pup. :)

Andrew said...


Thanks for your email. I will check out that book. I used the crystallize option on that picture of Maggie.


Kristen S. Boyesen said...

I love playing with Photoshop, too! The camellia is beautiful! (Both ways.) One can see the world differently through experimentation with Photoshop. Art is cool that way, opening perceptions.