Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lunch with Big S and a Job Offer…

It’s lunchtime. I make my way down to the shopping center to the little Korean owned restaurant. I purchase shrimp fried rice and a coke, and then head over to the grocery store to find Big S sitting outside on the bench doing his usual thing. I walk over to talk to him.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked as I shivered.

“It ain’t that bad,” Big S replied.

“How much have you made today?” I asked of his panhandling.

“Two bucks,” He replied. “It has been a slow day.”

I sat on the bench eating my fried rice with chopsticks as Big S looked on hungrily. It wasn’t very good and I only ate half of it. The shrimp was overcooked and rubbery.

“You want the rest?” I asked him.

“I don’t know how to use chopsticks,” He said.

“It’s easy,” I said showing him how as I placed the chopsticks between my forefingers and thumb and made a moving motion.

“Walk over and get me a fork,” Big S said.

“No way,” I replied as I laughed. “You get off your lazy ass and go get one yourself.”

“Ah, I wasn’t that hungry anyway,” Big S replied.

About this time, my old boss comes walking out of the grocery store and stops to talk to me as he shakes my hand. I worked at this grocery store for a short while until my social anxieties overcame me.

“Good to see you still around,” He said. “You working anywhere?”

“No, I am not working at the moment,” I replied.

“We sure could use you back in produce,” He said.

“I sure could use the money,” I replied. “I need to upgrade my computer and would like to buy a new laptop.”

“Anytime you want to start back then just let me know,” He said.

I thanked him as he walked on down to the coke machines to buy a soda. He then disappeared back into the store to attend to his managerial duties.

“I thought he was going to run me off,” Big S said. “I am not supposed to be panhandling over here anymore. It’s a long ass walk across the river to that other store though.”

“I know,” I replied. “I thought the same thing.”

“Well, I will see ya man,” I told Big S as I got up and threw the rest of my food and my cup in the trashcan. “Don’t get in trouble.”

Big S told me goodbye and I walked on home to a beautiful if somewhat blustery and cold day.


Cheryl said...

A job offer, huh? It must have been nice to know the manager liked you well enough to ask you back. That doesn't surprise me. I know you've talked about a job lately. Would you consider this?

Andrew said...


The offer sure was enticing. I am thinking it over seriously.

Jay M. said...

Very cool, Andrew. Seems like he was genuinely interested in having you back. Maybe you could work out something part-time, like a few half days during the week.

My brother always had a hard time when he wasn't working somewhere at least a little. Though full-time employment hasn't worked out all that well either, as he had the same difficulties that you face.

If the boss is understanding with your situation, it makes things a little easier as far as needing days off or just having a flexible schedule in general. Decide whatever is right for you, and remember, these kinds of decisions aren't permanent. If you don't want to do it anymore, he'll understand. And if you decide that you want to work there sometime in the future, it seems like you could just let him know when you decide. Good luck with it!

austere said...

Sounds good, no?