Tuesday, January 2, 2007

January's Forecast...

Despite a cold start to the month, January seems to be looking warm according to the Climate Prediction Center. The jet stream seems to be staying well to our north keeping all the cold weather bottled up in Canada. Does this mean February will be brutally cold? I hope for all the homeless people in the world that we have a mild winter.

From the Climate Prediction Center:

January temperature outlook
(it's warm).
January precipitation outlook (it's dry).


Kim said...

I have so enjoyed the photo and video aspects of your blog lately. Tell your parents I said thanks for getting you that gift. I feel as if I am living your life along side you. I am a stay-at-home mom and volunteer down at the hospital on the weekends when the hubby is home from work. I find that it helps me by helping others. I feel a connectedness with the world and am glad when I can give back some part of myself to a world that has so blessed me in so many ways. I encourage you to try this out small and simple first. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. You seem to struggle with the social anxiety deeply.

As far as the weather goes you make me smile with these posts. My DH is a weather geek too! What is it with you men and this fascination witht the weather?

By the way you were linked on the front page of Schizophrenia.com as a blog of note. That is how I found you a few weeks ago. Hopefully that will bring many like minded people your way and who will find you an inspiration. I know I do. Take your meds and never give up!!!!!!

Your friend from the far North,


Andrew said...


Thanks for the kind and wonderful comment and thanks for letting me know about that link. I just checked and you are right.

I promise I will take the volunteering thing with baby steps. Who knows? The hospital may not even want me with a history of mental illness.

I was supposed to go to my AA meeting tonight and got whipped up in an anxiety filled frenzy and just stayed at home drinking soft drinks, smoking cigars, and reading a book. I feel like such a coward, but it is so hard for me to go be around all those people. Like Proxima, I feel they are watching me and judging me. It is maddening! I wish I could take a "just don't give a shit," pill. I am so sensitive.


PipeTobacco said...


Perhaps you are putting too damn much pressure on yourself with this getting into crowds and groups? If you currently prefer being in the company of just yourself or one or two close others... what the hell is wrong with that? There may come a time when you yearn for crowds and do have that "don't give a sh*t" attitude you seen to want. There is no right or wrong way to be with others. You are most likely in a phase of life where you are feeling introverted. Do not beat yourself up over it.

I think you will find much success and a great deal of satisfaction at the hospital you may begin volunteering at. It will perhaps germinate a whole new set of additional satisfactions with yourself. If you end up finding the hospital volunteering is not to your liking, however, do not feel down... instead, simply look for other volunteer options.... perhaps working at a soup kitchen, or volunteering at a day care, or an after school club for disadvantaged youth, or meals on wheels for the elderly. There are many, many options.

Keep willing to EXPLORE your nearly infinite options until you find the ones best for you!