Friday, January 12, 2007

An Ice Storm Rages...

Abbagirl's Weather in Wichita.

An ice storm is raging in the Midwest and looks to get worse over the weekend. I am watching Abbagirl’s weather and she is on the very fringe of the ice. Farther south and east it just gets worse. Wide spread power outages are expected for the weekend.

While here in the South we are experiencing record warmth. The weather guessers have predicted a high of 74 degrees on Martin Luther King Day, Monday. Our weather will take an abrupt change as well as the cold front pushes through Tuesday and the cold air starts to filter in. We will not be seeing any winter precipitation though.

Top image courtesy of The National Weather Service.
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abbagirl74 said...

Ugh! Help!

Annabel said...

I think it's pretty bad back in Amarillo too. I saw pictures of it on the Weather Channel last night and my dad was telling me that it was getting pretty slick. Luckily all-region band was cancelled and I told Josh to stay put. Of course it's very nice here in sunny Florida... I think it's supposed to be warm today.