Sunday, January 21, 2007

“The Homeless Man” rejoins the living…

“You look like a homeless man,” George told me this afternoon.

George paid me the twenty dollars he owed me and I walked into the bathroom to check my appearance. I hadn’t shaved in three days and was certainly looking worse for wear. There was also a large stain on my shirt that I put on three long days ago.

“You need a drink,” George replied after I walked out of the bathroom.

“Don’t tempt me today,” I replied snidely. “Besides, they don’t sell beer here on Sundays.”

“It is only a ride down the interstate,” George said. “I’m driving.”

“I don’t want to have to fund my own demise,” I replied. “You are just out of money.”

George reached into his wallet showing me two twenty dollar bills.

“I can’t,” I replied sullenly. “I don’t remember much of what happened for three days and drinking will only make things worse.”

George left me to travel down the Interstate to buy his beer. I peeled off my dirty clothes and took a hot shower.

“I’ve got to get some food in me,” I said after not eating for three days.

I don’t feel like cooking so I pop one of my frozen meals in the microwave. I start to feel human again after that shower and shave. I choke the food down and then sit in my lazy boy thinking of George and that beer. I shrug off those thoughts as I mull over my homeless days in my mind. That was one cold winter I want to forget, but it makes me remember how far I have come. One day at a time…that’s all I’ve got.


SimplyTim said...

Hi Andrew: If I may preach for a moment: I keep three words in various pockets in my mind: Toughness (as in mental toughness), Resilience (as in how a spaulding will bounce back even after it's been in the mud and the cold rain for some time) and Appreciation (as in a sense of appreciation for what is and what has been presented.)

They've been helpful for me. Thus endeth or begineth the ...


abbagirl74 said...

Hey booger. I was thinking about you today. I was looking at all of the snow we got and was wishing you were here to walk through my favorite park with me. I do it at night after a heavy snow because everything is lit up from the snow crystals. It's beautiful. You would love it. Perhaps if I ever find my blasted camera, I will take pictures for you. We are expected to get snow again next Monday and Tuesday. What happened to that Indian Summer?

orchid said...

Hey! We got 3 inches of snow in Overland Park, KS!!! It could be worse dood!!!

I'm so glad you shaved damnit, you were looking pretty scraggly there for a little while...

BTW: George's okay to keep around. He's the closest thing you're gonna get to 'the one' who sits on the opposite shoulder of the angel with cojones you've been!!!

Hang tight. You're far stronger than you give yourself credit for!!!

DramaMama said...

Showers ALWAYS rejuvinate me and make me feel "human" again. They are very theraputic.

And good for you... another temptation you have WON!

austere said...