Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Doth the Sun yet Rise Again?

Morning is soon to arrive. Within an hour and a half the first rays of the sun will peek over the horizon to light another day. A moment ago, I stepped outside to have my first smoke of the day and a lone mockingbird was calling from a dogwood tree down the street. It was such a lonesome sound.

My sometime friend Chad came over late last night wanting me to come over to see about the computer I had built for him as a favor. He couldn’t get me on the phone so he got his mother to drive him over. Me and Chad were best friends during high school, but drifted apart these later years. Chad is embroiled in the drug scene these days and deals in and smokes a lot of dope. I don’t feel comfortable around him and wouldn’t trust him farther than I could throw him. It is such a shame as he used to be such an upstanding young man. When we were roommates in the early nineties, he would get mad at me when I bought a six pack of beer and brought it home. My, have the times changed.

“It’s all that porn you look at that screws up your computer,” I told him.

Chad laughed nervously.

“I don’t look at that much of that crap,” He said.

“Yes you do,” I said. “The last time I looked at your computer it was filled with Trojans from porn websites.”

I burned Chad a copy of Windows XP and gave him my serial key to use and told him to reinstall windows and download all the service packs and security updates. I also told him to install an anti-virus suite and to stay away from the damn porn.

“You are not in the market for some Xanax, are you?” He then said as he pulled a zip-lock bag of the little pink pills out of his pocket. “I really need the money and will sell them for two dollars a piece. I just got my prescription filled today.”

Chad receives his medications from the local mental health clinic at a very reduced cost so he was looking to make a profit.

“No thanks,” I said as I showed him to the door as quick as I could.

“You sure this disc will do the trick?” He asked as he turned around standing at my backdoor.

“If you reinstall windows then everything will be fine,” I replied. “Just save everything you want to keep before starting.”

I couldn’t get him out of the door fast enough. The whole situation made me nervous. I had visions of police raids showing up at any moment. Chad is no stranger to dealing with the police. Where do these people find me?


Amanda said...

I love the new look. Sigh. I wish I could respond to the topic at hand, but every time I try to do so, I keep getting distracted by the picture of bacon and cheddar below... :)

abbagirl74 said...

Hmmm. Chad definitely doesn't win Citizen of the Year award. It was nice of you to help him out with his computer. It will crash in no time. Hehehe...

M said...

I like the new template (-:

zirelda said...

Nice new look.

I help a few people with their computers and it amazes me how many times I fix their machines only to have them ignore my advice and end up in the same boat over and over again. Many times I don't see these people until they need my help and then suddenly I'm their best friend. Sigh. They could at least offer dinner.

Chad sounds like bad news.

RICH said...

Nice template!! Xanax is bad stuff it will take you down a road of hell.

austere said...

Nice colors. Nice one about the viruses crashing his comp, this time I hope it happens quickly. He sure must have an interesting cookie trail.
Next time this man says alprazolam, throw a goodman gillman at his head, please. hefty.

Any news of Fury?