Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bright, Full Moon Tonight

I realize the old wife’s tale of the full moon drawing out the crazies is hogwash. I have felt better today than I have since before Christmas. But then again – if you see me wandering the streets tonight naked and babbling incoherently, please put a warm blanket around me and drive me home! I don’t want to go back into the loony bin that is the hospital down the interstate. I value my freedom much too much these days and the hospital is never fun.

Full Moon as seen from my backyard a moment ago.

PS – Fiwa, my father freaks out when I talk about working. The last time I took a part time job (which is allowable by Social Security) they immediately reviewed my case and files. My father swears this is why that happened. Pipe, Latibug, thanks for the comments. I think I will go the volunteer route. I believe the local hospital allows volunteers as I see a lot of senior people down there doing that very same thing. I did look online at VolunteerMatch.com, but all their positions were too far to drive to. I couldn’t afford the gas down to our next largest town everyday to volunteer for the positions with the Red Cross. I will know more tomorrow. I am excited about this. I need to be of service to others like Pipe wrote about on his journal. It will, in turn, help me as well to be a better person.


Proxima said...

What a beautiful picture!

Sometimes I worry so much about what other people think OF me, it takes a half hour to work up the courage to walk down to the mailbox. I used to work stressful customer service positions, where I had to be nice and friendly all the time. I think I must have fried a mental wire or something. I just can't handle being around other people anymore, I'd rather hide at home.

Andrew said...


So good to hear from you. I feel the same way. Just going to eat at a restaurant is so anxiety inducing it drives me mad. I have to fight being a hermit. Take care of yourself and I hope you had a good holidays.


Becky said...

I can see the moon tonight too. Makes us seem a bit closer, knowing that.

I think volunteering is a marvelous idea. I'm sure you can find something close to home that will fit the bill. Maybe a senior center/nursing home if the hospital doesn't work?

Summer said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today. You sound wonderful. I want you to know that I worked at a hospital for years and of course loved it. But, we could never have done our jobs as easily if it hadn't been for our volunteers. We had many retired folks, but we also had some young people too. They did an amazing job and helped us far more than they realized. One area that you may like is *out patient surgery.* You meet a lot of people and the nurses will love you for all that you do. Just a thought.

The pictures of the park remind me of the park close to my house. I have the Potomac River just a short walk from me. It is beautiful anytime of the year.

Thanks for the uplifting posts. I had a *blech* kind of day today.

fiwa said...

Oh, I see what you mean now.
I really hope you can find some kind of volunteer work you enjoy. That's really the only thing I like about working: the interaction with my coworkers.

Stay warm tonight!

austere said...

That picture is lovely. the moon one.