Wednesday, January 3, 2007

And the Full Moon Drifts Overhead…

It often fascinates me looking overhead at a bright, full moon such as tonight. To think – we have gone there and walked upon the face of our closest heavenly companion. Man has such capacity for such magnificent deeds and yet we let the happenings like Saddam’s recent execution mar our good face. Two wrongs do not make a right. The Human creature is definitely a mixture of the good and the bad with the capacity for the greatest deeds and the scariest horrors. That is why I have felt so exasperated and filled with anxiety as far as my social interactions with humans have gone over the years. We are such a fickle and willy-nilly beast; truly, the most unpredictable of animals.


Tuesday nights finds me wondering around the grocery store as usual. A clerk comes up to me as I stand in the produce section trying to pick the perfect bunch of bananas that will last me for the week – not too ripe and just green enough to not be a mushy, brown mess come next Tuesday. He is young and looks no older than sixteen; his face pockmarked with the scars of acne.

“Sir, we have free bananas up at the service counter,” He says.

This piques my curiosity.

“Free bananas, you say?” I ask.

“Yes sir, go check up front,” He replies.

I walk over to the service counter with my almost barren buggy in hand. Sure enough, there is a big cart marked free bananas, but they are getting awfully ripe. I grab two big bunches with the intentions of making banana pudding tomorrow which is a good recipe for overly ripe bananas. I wander around the store finishing buying my groceries and checkout. The grand total comes to $61 dollars. I am pleased with the frugal amount and my judicious shopping.

I start the drive home through the old mill village homes that once housed many a blue collar family through countless seasons of winter and summer. The neighborhood is showing its age and is a festering mess of trash and crime these days. The run down old homes are a cheap bargain on the housing market inviting the less desirable of our kind. A small kitten ambles out into the road in front of me causing me to mash down upon my brakes abruptly. My anti-lock braking system almost kicks in as I serve to miss it. I put the car in park, look for oncoming traffic, and get out to check on it.

“Where are you going little fella?” I ask it as if it were a child. “You are going to get run over.”

It mews complacently as if being in the road was the safest place to play. I scoop it up and wrap it in my warm jacket and we get back into the car. It seems Maggie has a new companion. My father is going to kill me for doing this. Luckily, he is across the country in the warm clime of sunny, southern California. It seems a world away. The kitten’s future is uncertain, but she is safe for now.


Cheryl said...

Hey Andrew..It's been a sleepless night. Finally, I turn on the computer, and find a new post from you. Thought you might be up. A new kitten, huh? Your family expands. Can't wait to find out what Maggie reaction.

Summer said...

A picture please!

SmemanUfo said...

I would personally be happier having the free bananas than the cat. I have never had a banana chase me around the room trying to strip skin from my flesh.

deezigngirl said...

From one cat lover to another, Way to go and congrats on your new addition. Can't wait to read stories about your new kitties antics.

fiwa said...

Banana bread!!
Can't wait to see a picture of the kitten. :)

mosiacmind said...

I would really like to get a cat but Gracie my dog would not deal well with an addition to the family at all...sorry it took me so long to email you back.

PipeTobacco said...


You will greatly enjoy the kitten. Cats and dogs are such wonderful companions. They really make a world of difference.

When do you move into your new home?


Claudia said...

It just struck me... you are such an animal lover - have you ever considered volunteering at your local animal shelter? You would still be incredibly helpful, and it may not be as stressful since you would be dealing with animals, not people, most of the day?

eSadElBlOg said...

I am sure you are already thinking on names!

austere said...

I think she-of course she is a she-went and sat in the middle of the road on purpose. (we women do such things, y'know. *grin*)

So! What does she look like? And a name please? And how has Maggie taken to her?

rich said...

what I do with my very ripe bananas is: I freeze them and when I need them i will put them into a nice protien shake. I will mix orange juice banans strawberries yogurt and some protien powder - mix in a blender for a few minutes and walah!! . makes a nice healthy drink