Friday, December 29, 2006

The Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006...

Phil Plait, the author and webmaster of Bad Astronomy, takes a look at the top ten astronomy images of 2006. The one with the shuttle undocking from the international space station against the backdrop of the sun as seen from earth is just stunning to me. You also just have to see Saturn and Earth as seen from the Cassini space probe which was one billion miles from us at the time!

I have always been fascinated with astronomy from an early age. The heavens above us could always put things into perspective for me and make our egalitarian endeavors on earth seem so more important and significant. We live on one tiny mote of dust in a vast universe that we have to share until we are able to branch out and move to other locations in our solar system and systems beyond. So we must carefully take care of this tiny rock we reside upon. It is of paramount importance for the future and wellbeing of Mankind.

The Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006


Something Shimmering and Bright...

Furthering the astronomy tangent, blogger, writer, and actor, Wil Wheaton, wrote up a blog post on a similar vein about his excitement over backyard astronomy and the offering of a new and free ebook offered online in PDF format that is easily printed.

If you like the weekly “What’s Up this Week” column in Universe Today, you’ll love this. The entire viewing schedule for 2007 is available as a free, 410+ page downloadable ebook. You can download the whole book, turn to the page for tonight’s suggestions - print off the page and head outside.

Check out Wil's latest blog post on his blog WWdN: In Exile for more info and a link to download that ebook.

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Anonymous said...

You were right. That photo of the shuttle and ISS against the backdrop of the sun is astounding!