Friday, December 15, 2006

Over Medicated…

Carolyn and I were talking last night how variable my life can be with my mental illness. Last week, I had trouble functioning and was in the hospital. This week, I am much more stable. I am over medicated though and I think that is why I am having trouble writing. My head feels fuzzy and slow all the time. The only thing I seem to do well is hike and hike long distances at that as it requires little thought. I just point myself in a direction and start walking.

“You seem slow,” Carolyn told me last night as we sat in my den.

“Have you noticed how I am slurring my words when I talk?” I asked her.

“I know,” She said. “I thought you had been drinking or taken something the other day.”

“No. No drinking,” I replied. “It is just all the medications I am currently taking. They have doubled up on my anti-psychotic. I doesn’t help that I am not sleeping at all as well.”

Last night found me up and out of the bed at 1 AM. I cracked open a diet Coke and caught up on my favorite blogs. All the blogs I read are rather slow these days as well. I guess everyone is busy with the holidays.

I finally managed to get back to bed early this morning and awoke at 7 AM. I got up and fixed my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, toast, sliced cheddar, and a banana. I then took my vitamins and my morning medications. My head started feeling fuzzy more than ever this morning after my meds kicked in. It is hard to write this. I sometimes wonder what’s worse; living with the symptoms of schizophrenia or the dullness of the mind my medicines cause me. It is so frustrating and a catch-22.

These are the medications I am taking these days:


50 mg Risperdal Consta every two weeks.
20 mg Lexapro
50 mg Luvox
15 mg Buspar
333 mg Campral


333 mg Campral


15 mg Buspar
333 mg Campral
3 mg Risperdal in pill form


Berryvox said...

Holy crap! 150mg of Seroquel/day makes me feel woozy and that's, supposedly, a low dose.

abbagirl74 said...

It does seem like a lot of pills for one day. But, I don't know that much about it.

eSadElBlOg said...

I don't know much about pills, but I do know about breakfasts, and man, right after reading about yours I'm running to eat something!!

Sue said...

I couldn't imagine having to take so much medication. I have a hard time taking a pill for a simple headache. I feel for you. At least you know the benefits and the freedom you get from them... maybe eventually your body will accept them better and not feel as fuzzy or perhaps your Dr. could lower the dose slightly until it works for you?
Enjoy your weekend,

M said...

Hang in there,buddy!

My brother who has schizophrenia just switched from something which made him woozy to a drug that doesn't.

austere said...

maybe ask your doc why you need buspar, luvox and lexapro all together, can't she consider using one or two and increasing the dose on that. i know psychiatry is generally many pills taken together, polypharmacy its called- but i dont like it much.