Saturday, December 16, 2006

Maggie’s New Toy

I bought Maggie a new toy yesterday and she is enamored with it. It is a little pink, stuffed bunny. Maggie carries it around and plays with it. I woke up this morning to daylight to find her and the bunny both in the bed with me.

My father called me this morning about my medications. I take so many medications that my father’s pharmacy packages them in a bubble pack where all I have to do is push the pills through the foil and take them at the correct time.

“Dad, I feel so slow mentally,” I told him.

“You need to feel slow,” Dad replied. “You were on a high for awhile there until we got your medications right. You need to slow down.”

“Did you bring home next week’s medications?” I then asked.

“Yes,” He replied. “They are on the back porch.”

“I will walk over to get them,” I then said as I hung up the phone.

Slow, my ass,” I thought as I walked across their backyard. “This is not normal. I would rather deal with schizophrenia and be crazy.

I started out for today’s hike just a moment ago and got down to the end of the neighborhood street and turned around and walked back home. I just didn’t feel like hiking today.


live link at name below said...

I am sorry, Andrew, that you are having these difficulties. When will you be able to discuss them with your doctor? You had a big change very fast, and that is always hard for the body to adjust to. Give it a bit of time, and then see what minor adjustments can do to help.

Perhaps a hike this afternoon?
Kristen at White Light of Peace

abbagirl74 said...

Well, I set out to do some major shopping, turned around and went back home. I didn't feel like it today either.

Summer said...

Don't give up on the meds yet. Wait to see if some of these feelings subside. Don't get angry.

Joni Mitchell is da bomb isn't she?

austere said...

Maggie and her bunny..cant wait for that camera of yours. maybe talk to your doc?