Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Journey's End...

I had a delicious lunch today. Rodger’s served meat loaf, black-eyed peas, fried okra, potato salad, and corn bread. I went to eat when the restaurant first opened at 11 AM and it was deserted as far as customers go. It is so nice to go sit down and have a southern style cooked meal prepared everyday. It is so hard just cooking for one most of the time.

After lunch, I just hiked and hiked while I listened to the radio. Up to the end of the cotton mill back to my house is three miles. I hiked it twice for a total of six miles today. A train of hopper cars was sitting on the passing siding track behind the mill when I walked back behind there waiting on a north bound freight to pass. Within moments, the signal down the tracks turned from green, to yellow, and then red as the lights of the locomotive emerged around the curve. I stood off to the side to gain some distance between me and the rails as the grand freight flew by with a roar and then proceeded with today’s journey. It was another beautifully warm day and I hiked in a t-shirt and shorts.


Red Robin. said...

I'm hoping that your blogging doesn't stay a chore for too long Andrew.

I do enjoy what you write. I love the hiking camping stories.

Perhaps you should give yourself a holiday from it? For a while.

Depends on you though, we can only ever get so much through the writing of a blog. It's hard to find the heart of it.

In any case, I keep coming back to your writings. I enjoy them, I also like the way in which the world has shrunk for me. Never did I think long ago back in the 80's that I'd be able to read the daily happenings of someone far far away.

These are fun times.

Sorry Andrew, I'm feeling rambly this evening.

I'll leave you with my best wishes.

oh, if you ever do stop writing, feel free to write an email if you want from time to time. I'd appreciate it. Your stuff's been a part of my life for three years now.

I would miss it if it goes. But that's always your choice mate, I'm not making any demand. You're quite free as all things should be.


Cheryl said...

The food at Rodger's sounds delicious. And really fattening. That's the idea, right? I enjoy the way you describe your meals. That was a great idea your father had.

You've been amazing with your hiking. You've really been in the mood. I can't wait till you unwrap your camera and start using it. Can it take regular batteries or do you have to charge it?

Well, I'm rambling too.


M said...

I love when you talk about Southern food!

I discovered okra several years ago and the ladies at work tease me. This is the north and apparently most people don't know what okra is....

What is the best way to eat okra? I like it fried or deep fried. I like it in soup...I like it pickled. I am always looking for new ways to eat okra.

southeastnews said...

This takes the cake. Really. I had to sign in with an obscure google account I set up for my library. I can no longer post as kristen unless I add the HTML myself. Is anyone else having this problem? (The 'kristen' account is blogger. I can post to blogger blogs fine, just no beta blogs.)

Rant over.

I agree with everyone, Andrew. Post because it is fun and you enjoy it, not because you have to.

southeastnews said...


southeastnews said...

Rant back. Sorry about the goofy comment above. I was trying to log in.

Here is the message that I get if I try to sign in with my blogger username and password:

"Could not log you in. Double check your password or try again later.
You can also use your Blogger account."

This last sentence is so untrue!! It does not work, at all. I am posting this here for any of Andrew's friends who are also having trouble.

abbagirl74 said...

I have to log in using my gmail account, which is my blogger account. I signed up for this awhile back when you had to sign in to Andrew's blog.

Andrew, the hikes sound amazing. I can picture myself right there with you. As for the food, can't stomach that stuff yet with just getting over food poisoning. My stomach is still in butterfly mode.

Cheryl said...

I'm not having a problem logging in with beta blogger.

austere said...

well we cook okra too, in a diff way maybe- spices, easy on the oil. i keep remembering that word pic of the spider net in the forest you'd once written about.

latibug said...

Just reading about your lunch made me hungry and it is only 6 am here in AZ. I missed good southern meals. My grandmother used to cook like that, but doesn't anymore. She is just too old and I understand. I wish I would have really appreciated it when I was younger instead of assuming it would always be there.

The weather here has also been warmer during the day. It would be nice to get some cold weather and some rain. However, I have to keep reminding myself that I live in a desert.

Take care,

southeastnews said...

Goog morning everyone!

The word is in. There is most defifitely a problem with blogger/beta compatibility. There are a ton of posts at the Google forum Something Is Broken. Some people cannot even administer their own blogs.

With any luck, Blogger will fix it. As a back-up, I would suggest trying to copy as much as you can to your computer. I am new to blogging, however, so there may be a better way.