Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Journey to Abandonment...

Beautiful blue skies adorned with wispy white cirrus clouds greeted me as I left my house and started today’s journey. Downtown was bustling with activity during the holidays as I walked towards the tracks. Cars seemed to be scurrying everywhere like busy minded insects on a hot summer’s day and it was hard to cross the streets. My mind wandered as I thought, “Where are all these people going to in this small town? Am I missing something interesting?

I arrived at the tracks near the rail yard to find a local train leaving with a string of pulpwood cars filled with pine logs destined for paper mills. It was too far away to get any shots or videos and it disappeared around the corner way down the tracks. I cursed under my breath. I then made my way down to that old, abandoned cotton mill that so fascinates me. Below is today’s hike in a photo series as it unfolded.

The start of my hike walking through the bustling downtown down from my house.

The signal shines red signifying a train is on the way. I was down there for two hours and was disappointed when it never showed. I was hoping to capture a video of it passing for Laurent and his son.

The old Chattahoochee Valley Railway Depot which is now a museum.

The old caboose next to the railroad museum.

Ferret's old sleeping place behind the bank near the tracks before he got his tent. It is a perfect secluded spot if not for the noise of trains at night.

Approaching the old mill down the tracks.

Five Stories High

Where rails once lay and steam engines once rolled.

Nature is trying to reclaim what was once hers and a door to nowhere.

A gaping hole where men once worked.

Loading Docks

Tufts of Nature

Looking straight up before I head back home.


greglo said...

Hi Andrew!

Thank you so much for the pictures of the train station and the train. the chatahoochee valley train reminded me of that song by Driving'n'Crying - "Honeysuckle Blue" where they mention the blue ridge mountains boy and the Chat... I wanted to place the video clip of it on my blog to show it to you... but can't remember my login and password... ha well! the link is here anyway :
I love this southern rock band, even though the Allman Bros band and Lynyrd Skynyrd remain my all-time favourite.

Thanks again for thinking about Hisham to take a video of a train!!!!!!!!!!

All my love,

Your french friend!

Annabel said...

I am enjoying the pictures very much! I'm so glad you got your camera! Thanks for sharing your hikes with us!

becky said...

I'm back from my retreat and was excited to see your pictures. What a terrific addition to your word pictures. Thank you.

abbagirl74 said...

Well, I must say that seeing where Ferret lived made my heart a little heavy. How is he doing these days?

2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

I enjoyed seeing these pics. They are made even more nice with the stories we've all read about those places.
Thanks AGAIN for sharing!!!


Red Robin. said...

I enjoyed the pictures Andrew.

Keep 'em coming.

Andrew said...


He is still renting that room from George's cousin as far as I know. I haven't heard from him or seen him in awhile. I have been kind of itching to catch up with what is going on with the gang. I need to get down to the shopping center again more regularly.

Summer said...

You are lucky to have your old southern town remain somewhat the same. My mother's hometown in NC was a bit like yours and it's sad to see it run into the ground like it is today. Thank you so much for the pictures. They and you made me smile tonight.

abbagirl74 said...

Hey you! I tagged you. Visit me and respond when you can. Perhaps you can add some photos.

Leann said...

It's so nice to have the visual to go along with the verbal stories Jonathan.

Thank you for those.

RICH said...

what a waste of real estate. Up in the north east this would be converted into something trendy. Hey, there's an idea for ya!!

austere said...

Who keeps the place so clean? Ferret must have shaken every time a train roared by.
I liked the slanting building from the ground upwards. I liked the sense of space and direction in the storefront one,and then the one with the depot which is now a museum. Five storied high also works really well. The one where steam engines rolled was a little desolate for me- made me sad in a way the nature reclaiming ones did not.