Sunday, December 10, 2006

I’ve told him a Thousand Times…

George came by last evening with Pookie in tow. It pissed me off. I don’t particularly relish the idea that Pookie and friends knows where I live. Crack heads can’t be trusted. Don’t believe me? Befriend a couple of crack heads and give them free range over your house and see what happens. That shit will be stripped bare in a matter of days like a school of piranhas on a dead cow’s carcass. You can go buy back your worldly possessions from the pawn shop at a deeply inflated price as that is where they will be. George wanted to borrow twenty bucks for what I presumed was his Saturday night poker game at Pookie’s house.

“Let a brotha borrow twenty bucks,” George pleaded.

“George, my utility bill was two hundred dollars this month and I don’t have a lot of money to go throwing around at this time,” I replied.

“How bout ten dollars,” He continued to plead.

I walked into my bedroom to survey the contents of my wallet. It is going to be a meager Christmas with not a lot of gift buying this year from the looks of its contents.

“Sorry man,” I said walking back out into my den. “I just don’t have it.”

George looked totally dejected. I walked him to the door when I noticed Pookie sitting in the car looking hungrily at my house.

“Man!” I said angrily. “How many times have I told you to never bring her over here?”

“She ain’t gonna be doin’ shit,” George decreed.

“Hell!” I replied tersely. “She and those friends of hers will steal me fucking blind.”

“I will be responsible for any shit taken,” George told me defiantly.

“Hell dude,” I said. “You haven’t even got twenty bucks to your name. How can you be responsible for anything they take?”

George got pissed off at me for making such a big deal out of bringing Pookie over. He told me he would talk to me tomorrow when I had calmed down some. I am still mad. I had to lock my doors tonight just to get some sleep and I never lock the doors to this house. I feel naked as if there is a big, gigantic bull’s eye painted on the side of my house these days with big red letters reading “Come and get it!” Man, George can do some stupid shit some days and I wish he would just leave Pookie alone. She is bad news.


m said...

Oh. I am sorry to hear about your unwanted visitor.

Hopefully, they will find other places to go a-begging and a-stealing.

austere said...

I guess lock doors a while.

Cheryl said...

I think George can have a one track mind. Alcohol and Pookie were the only things he was thinking of. Will he remember how pissed you were the next time he comes by with her? Hmmm, he'll think 'there's Andrew overeacting again' instead of, 'what was I thinking bringing her over when my best friend told me not to'. That is, if he remembers it when he does find the $20. Ya know? Hopefully she'll be smart and stay away.

Awaiting Memoirs Part II. I really thought Part I was superbly written.

Anonymous said...

Id dump George.