Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hark goes the Health Nut…

Well, I just managed to hike nine miles in a little over three hours. I had about given out by the time I walked up my driveway to home. I hiked out to the end of spring road and a mile and a half out the dirt road it turns into and walked back. It was just a gorgeous day today. Pastures full of green winter grass and black and white cows greeted me as I walked. The day had grown very warm and the birds seemed to be rejoicing in the tepid temperatures after such a cold week. I, myself, managed to hike most of it in just some sweat pants and a t-shirt with my daypack slung over my shoulder. It felt almost balmy although it was in the high forties Fahrenheit. At the halfway point in my hike today, I sat and had a meal of two fried chicken breast sandwiches, two hard boiled eggs, and a thermos of whole milk.

Yesterday evening marked one whole week of quitting smoking cigarettes. I am now officially over the physical addiction and must now just break the habit of lighting up. Certain times are the hardest such as when I awake from sleep or after a meal. All prime lighting up times. I am determined this time though. I no longer want to be a slave to big tobacco. I was also smoking up to three packs a day at the end there. That is forty dollars a week of my budget money freed up. I am going to act like that money is already spent and will just save it. I need to rebuild my emergency fund.

George called me this morning just as I was finishing scrambling a pan of eggs. I stood over the stove with my cordless phone upon my shoulder as he apologized for last night. Luckily, Pookie doesn’t have a car and it would be a long walk to my house from hers. Hopefully, no wayfaring crack heads will show up anytime soon. I still couldn’t help but to be still slightly mad with George this morning. I have asked him several times not to do that. I trust George, but not the company he keeps some days.


greglo said...

Waow!!! nine miles!!!! congratulations!!!!
and for quitting smoking... I hadn't realized you were smoking three packs a day!!!! I was just thinking about smoking the pipe and I thought it was kind of sad to leave that pleasure behind. I do not consider myself as a smoker. I started pipe smoking about two years ago just because I was in love with the object. and i'm just smoking two to three pipes a week a chosen moments... But anyway, congratulations again for the hike!

What a pleasure to read from you again!

Best thoughts,


di said...

Hi again :) I bought myself something called "tobacco-stop" Got it from the naturopath and it stops cravings. And. It works! yay me!

My thoughts are stay a little mad with George. You are right on about crack users. They won't think twice about stealing from you and denying to high heaven that they didn't.

George was outta line, definitely. But. Living in the small town that you do, it wouldn't matter if you were the Mayor or not, The Gang and even Pookie knows where you live, and probably have known that for a long time.

Please keep your doors locked. It's not you. It's them :)

Oh! and keep Maggie. At least she barks :)

Kristen said...

I love the title of this post. You have such a great sense of humor!

The hike sounds wonderful. I wish I could have done something like that instead of being here at my computer all day updating and arranging my five blogs. I took a vicarious walk with you instead. :)

I also finished an application for a scholarship to a writers retreat. Ever thought of doing something like that?

Blue said...

Finding Myself said...

Hey there, I wasn't sure if you are putting your real name on this blog, but you may remember me as Freya/Alianora. I used to frequent your blogs regularly. Just a note to say that I hope you are doing well and that the holidays go easy on you.

Summer said...

It was like spring today..

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Sir:

I applaud you your nine miles today! And excellent workout for the body, mind and spirit.

Bravo on quitting cigarettes for seven days! Does your quitting cigarettes also mean you are refraining from the pipe as well, or is that an allowed indulgence?


2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...


I'm so glad you're OK. I was unable to check in as often as I wanted, and only tonight realized your situation. I'm so thankful that you were in brave enough to go to your parents for help in taking you in. I know it was hard, especially with the history you have with your Father. I'm also thankful you were in the right state of mind that you were ABLE to ask for help. Some people are not able to ask for help and suffer so much.
I've had to go to my Mom a few times, or seek treatment on my own. To this day I'm grateful for thought capacity to do so.
As for the new med, I'm sure you know that side effects usually subside and once they're gone you get the benefits they're made for. And I'm sure you know that all side effects should be reported to your doctor, just in case you're experiencing something that is not considered normal, or is an effect that is more troublesome then it should be.
I hope you feel better soon, like your old self, just improved. I was pleased to see your trying to get back into your routine of hiking and such. That's a good sign. And as for quiting smoking, I'm so very proud of you. I'm proud of anyone who has the guts to kick the habit. I've tried many times, but still have not given up. I hope you are able to enjoy a smoke free life. Better yet, I hope to JOIN you in a smoke free life.
I'll drop you an email when I have some more free time. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you this evening and wishing you well.

austere said...

Great weather,and nine miles, wow!