Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny of Neurological Medications...

Welcome to Crazy Meds, your one-stop information portal for the mentally interesting. More or less. We offer a fourth way diverging from the unfortunate majority of consumer-oriented sites one finds on the Internet.

  • Couch-jumping, fear-mongering, sometimes glib sites that condemn all neurological medications as tools of the devil with ever-lasting side effects that will cripple or kill you; while the people who prescribe them one or more of idiots, sadists, sorcerers and/or members of the global conspiracy out to get the people involved. The only solution to your problems is a regimen of vitamins, herbs, exercise, exorcism and bitching about doctors and drugs.

  • Pharmaceutical company sites who offer up their drugs as panaceas with few mild-to-moderate side effects. Little is mentioned about the cost to the uninsured. Actual side effects are buried in doctor-speak and no real idea is presented about the chances of their happening, how long they last or if they will go away during the course of your taking the medication. The same goes for if the drug will work for you or not.

  • Support group sites that offer tea and sympathy when it comes to medications. They are great for living with whatever it is you have, but far too often will just enable bad choices in not taking your meds or trying to take the wrong drugs for the wrong reasons.

Crazy Meds


M said...


my brother takes medications for his mental illness. this link is helpful.

Melanie said...

fabulous spoof, dead-on. i would like to submit one more category for your consideration: religious sites, who tell you that you are afflicted because you are a sinner and that God will heal you if you will come to the light. (was treated years ago for a spinal cord injury and told that if i stopped sleeping with my live-in boyfriend and started going to church, God would take the pain away. no shit!)