Thursday, December 14, 2006

George Cleans Up…

Oddly, George has been behaving himself lately. George came over last night with a medium Papa John’s pizza to share and was sober.

“Is it the calm before the storm?” I asked him as we sat eating pizza in my den in front of my television as CNN headline news was showing their usual depressing, macabre news.

“I’ve just been broke and haven’t been able to afford something to drink,” George replied.

“Good,” I muttered with a mouthful of delicious crust, cheese, and pepperoni. It is a good sign when he spends his money on pizza instead of beer or cheap wine.

George was steadily smoking on cigars though and they smelled so good. It was tempting to ask for one, but I was afraid it would re-stir that old nicotine addiction within me. Quitting smoking cigarettes has been one of the hardest things I have ever done and I didn’t want to take any chances.

Midnight found me at the end of spring road stargazing and drinking coffee last night in the cool, damp night air. I saw five meteors in one minute at one point last night and wasn’t disappointed by the show. A thick fog started to roll in after midnight finally obscuring the night sky so I made my way on home and went to bed.

This morning, I had my injection of my Risperdal for schizophrenia. They were Johnny on the spot this morning and I got called back as soon as I sat down in the waiting room. The nurse injected the solution into my butt muscle and I was on my way. I needed some razors and swung by my father’s pharmacy on the way home to get them and a case of diet Cokes and some vitamins.

I arrived home and started my walk for the day. I once again gravitated down to the rails for 3 miles of today’s hike. Another train was sitting on that passing siding again. The engineer gave me a hearty wave as I walked by the idling engine whose diesel engine throbbed with the deep pulsating sound of combustion. You could almost feel it as you walked by that huge locomotive. I walked on down the tracks to the end of that train as I heard another train horn far off in the distance. I was standing beside Hardley creek and sat down upon the bank to watch this northbound freight pass. It was a mixed freight pulled by three Electro Motive Division SD50-2s. This engineer waved as well assuaging any worries of getting arrested for trespassing today. Luckily, the bulls seem to stay in the larger rail yards these days and leave the one downtown bereft of their presence.

Well, let me change clothes and head over to Rodger’s for lunch. I am getting mighty hungry as each minute passes and need to go fill up my empty gullet. The apple I just ate didn’t even phase my hunger at all. Later.


abbagirl74 said...

I had Wendy's for lunch. First greasy meal since the food poisoning. It was yummy! Can't wait to hear about the day at Rodgers.

SKQBDOO said...

Maybe you are an inspiration to George since he has seen how far you've come. For this, you should be proud.

M said...

Your walking inspires me to go to the Y and walk around the track.Maybe some day I will have a cool place to walk like you do!

I hope George lays off the booze.