Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feeling Blah…

I sometimes wonder if I have come to a dead end as far as this blog is concerned. For most of my blogging career it wasn’t a chore. Lately, I have a hard time coming up with something to say. My anonymous commenter seems to think I make this stuff up. I could have come up with a thousand more interesting things to write about yesterday than my early morning hiking trip to the pond if that is what I do with this blog. I am hoping that when I get my digital camera Christmas day that it will reinvigorate my blog. The camera is wrapped and under my parent’s Christmas tree.

My days have been very uninteresting lately. I get up really early due to insomnia and try to hike at least two hours for six miles every morning. My hiking time is my time to organize my thoughts and to make me feel grounded. I do so enjoy those long walks. I actually look forward to getting up and heading out. I may suffer from a mental disability, but fortunately, my physical body is sound and functioning well.

Well, let me get a shower and head over to Rodger’s barbeque for lunch. I think I will have the hamburger platter today. See ya later.


abbagirl74 said...

Here's an idea on what to post about. You used to write about the gang, as that is where you would hang out. Now that you are going to Rodger's every day, perhaps you could write about the characters you encounter there? I am sure that there is a ton of stuff that you could write about. The food, the people, the atmoshpere, the regulars, the whole deal.

No matter what you write about, we are here and reading. We are behind you and we support you. Always know that.

latibug said...

Just take your time and don't feel obligated to post everyday. We all love reading whatever you post, but remember that this is supposed to be a good place for you and if you feel it is a chore, then take time to find a way to enjoy it again.

We will still be here!

austere said...

I love reading about your hikes and nature. and Pipe Tobacco has been trying to leave comments hereabouts.

becky said...

Andrew, I echo the others. Do this for yourself, so that it feeds your spirit. If it is feeling like a chore, take a break or re-imagine how you want it to be.

Part of this could be the mid-winter blahs. A lot of people are feeling that way these days. Frustrated. Tired. Over-stressed.

I find it hard to take the following advice myself, but I'm going to say it anyway because there's a teeny part of me that knows it's true: ignore the ignorant anonymous commenters. The come in here, your space, let out a big stinky fart and then run away, leaving you to deal with their "present."

Open the windows. Delete their comments. Heck if it would help, get someone else to preview the comments so you don't have to even let their stink in at all.

I use that metaphor on purpose. Their comments have no more substance than stinky fumes resulting from upset digestion.

Peace to you, friend.

Sue said...

I agree with all the above posts. Do it for you. If you no longer get anything from it take a break until you feel the need to write. I love to blog because it is for me a form of therapy, as well as a way to keep my distant friends and family informed of our lives. If at any moment I feel like it is a chore I will take a break. I love Abbagirl's suggestion of writing about those in the restaurant.
Have a great day and take care!

Summer said...

I don't think I can add anything more than what everyone else has said. Do it for you, even if you find you only want to write once a week. Ignore the idiots and their annonymous comments, I've had my share and I know how you feel. Because of them, I rarely write what I am truly feeling. That's not good, but you knew that. Ha.

I love whatever you write and however you feel. I can't wait for the camera and some pictures of the trains and the mill. Trains are just totally awesome!

rexlax said...

Hey there,
I just wanted to say that I've started reading your blog since Monday, and am utterly enthralled and mesmorized by it. I love all your posts - the simplicity, the writing style, the details...

Keep it up! I'm typically a non-poster type person, but I just wanted to let you know that your blog is definitely appreciated.

Take care, and hope all is well.

M said...

Someone thinks you are making this up?


I feel your geniuneness and I appreciate your blog.

But even if you were making it up, I don't care. I still like what you write.