Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Destination Mealtime…

I set out around noon to walk over to Rodger’s Barbeque for lunch. Clouds from the approaching cold front obscured the sun, but it was still a warm day despite the overcast sky. I was adorned in my nylon Auburn Tiger walking shorts and an orange Auburn Tigers t-shirt. I crossed the train tracks downtown and started across the sidewalk of the bridge traversing the Chattahoochee River. Rodger’s is just across that broad expanse of water. I stopped at one point to look over the side rail of the bridge to be overcome with vertigo. I am terribly afraid of heights and the swirling green water of the river was hundreds of yards down below me.

I arrived at Roger’s and sat down at my favorite table near the kitchen. The waitress came out to take my order.

“What will you be having, hon?” She asked.

I looked at the chalkboard upon which was written today’s special. Today’s special was meat loaf, mashed potatoes, fried okra, stewed apples, and cornbread for $5.25.

“I will have the special,” I replied, “And a glass of sweet tea.”

Within moments, she brought out my meal and tea and I sat eating as the lunch crowd started to pour in after noon. Soon, the restaurant was packed. I finished my meal and sat for a long time drinking the rest of my tea as I listened to the conversations of the patrons around me. I then finally got up to go take my ticket to the cashier.

“That was a nice gift from your father getting to eat lunch everyday,” The lady cashier said.

“I know,” I replied. “It is so hard cooking for just one person and I love coming over here for lunch and not having to wash dishes.”

“Was your meal okay?” She then asked.

“It was delicious,” I replied as I handed her my ticket.

She pulled out the envelope from the drawer to deduct today’s cost of my meal from my tab.

“You have $37 dollars left on your tab,” She told me as she subtracted today’s cost.

I told her goodbye, walked on home, and collapsed into my bed with a full stomach and took a long and much needed nap with Maggie curled up by my side. It has been a very good day today.


abbagirl74 said...

Auburn will be playing Nebraska for a bowl game. Good luck, tiger. The meal sounded wonderful. I can't wait until after Christmas so I can get back to cooking. I have never tried cooking okra, but now I might give it a try. I am glad you had a good day.

Summer said...

I never ate okra until a few years ago and I loved it. I've cooked it a few times for me and my yankee husband liked it as well.

It was a good day today wasn't it?