Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After…

Christmas was a shitty let down this year, but such is life sometimes. I once again spent the night out in my tent in the backyard serenaded by the bountiful calls of crickets this warm winter evening. I didn’t sleep well though. Maggie decided that last night was a good night to stay up and bark at what I do not know. I finally plucked her little self up and dumped her back inside and she calmed down. Maggie definitely gives new meaning to all bark and no bite. She is such a minute and svelte little dog.

This morning, I walked back down once again to Fat Albert’s for a carton of cigarettes. Seeing that I am an all or nothing kind of fellow we might as well just quit this façade of buying only two packs at a time is not really smoking. It was once again raining this morning as I walked with my umbrella in hand and my daypack slung over my shoulder. My father was on his way to work and saw me walking down in front of their house in the rain and stopped for a moment.

“Why are you walking?” He asked with a confused look on his face. “Is something wrong with your car?”

“My car is fine,” I replied. “I just like to walk.”

“But it’s raining,” He said looking even more confused.

I bid him farewell and continued on with my walk. I have never seen my father walk anywhere. This will probably only reinforce his mindset of how crazy I actually am.

These brown tones of the winter landscape didn’t help my mood today. My after Christmas malaise seems to be festering with earnest. I longed for warm and bright summer days that only a July afternoon in the South could bring. Those summer sounds of afternoon rumbles of thunder and the calls of cicadas weighed heavily upon my mind. The older I get, the more I want to travel towards the equator for these dreary southern winters.

I arrived back home to start my morning ritual of cooking breakfast and watching TV Land’s morning westerns. My stay in the hospital a few weeks ago got me addicted to Gunsmoke and Bonanza. I have never been a big TV watcher, but find myself tuning in everyday. There was nothing else to do while in the hospital and it started a bad habit. Luckily, I can watch TV on my computer while I browse the internet so it is not completely a passive affair.

Well, let me settle in for another long dreary, overcast day of rain. This weather is playing havoc with my daily hikes as I can only walk so far before becoming soaking wet as far as my lower extremities go.


abbagirl74 said...

The weather is sunny and cold here. No snow again this year for Christmas. We are scheduled to get some rain on Thursday.

I am on a little break before I go in to work. I will definitely talk to you later...

Annabel said...

I loved the show Bonanza as a kid. I don't know what it was, but I always watched. Now I can't remember a single episode.