Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Camera Update…

A few of you are eagerly awaiting the edition of photos to the blog. It’s a long story so I will try to be concise…

My brother shipped his presents from San Diego for us before Christmas and they arrived and mom put them under the tree. My mother mistook these for being my order from www.newegg.com which contained my Canon A640 camera and my 4 GB memory card. I thought my Christmas present had arrived and was already under the tree.

Well, newegg messed up the shipping and the package didn’t get shipped out until last Saturday with 3 day shipping so they didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. I talked to Rebecca down at my father’s pharmacy and got her to call them so hopefully my camera will arrive today sometime. They had declined my father’s credit card for some reason and when they ran the order back through it accepted the card.

Hopefully, I will get pictures up of my new house for Annabel in the next day or so. I also want to do a video of me and Maggie interacting in the backyard and then a photo montage of one of my hikes down the train tracks behind that grand old abandoned cotton mill.

As you can imagine, I am sorely disappointed my Christmas was not here on Christmas day. Like I said, it has been a shitty Christmas so far.


abbagirl74 said...

Shitty Christmas? Oh, come on now. You and your family are alive, safe, and together (with some distance).

The camera will come soon enough and then we will all be able to see your wonderful hikes. I am so looking forward to that.

Andrew said...

Yeah, you are right. I just have the after Christmas funks. I always hated for Christmas to be over. It was such a special day to me in my youth. It still affects me.

greglo said...


can't wait to see the first pictures. My kid loves trains, if you do take some I'll show them to him telling him about this friend Andrew who lives in the States, we'll take a look on a map and he'll see you playing in the backyard with Maggie.... wonderfullll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best thoughts!!!!!!!


Summer said...

Sorry to hear about the camera. I hope it will be here tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the pictures of the house, the trains, Maggie and your town. I hope you sleep well tonight.

2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

I'm sorry it didn't come in time. A huge let down. But I'm glad Abbagirl did out that you're all safe and alive.
I actually needed to hear it myself. I didn't get a single Christmas card this year. And my Mom (as usual) sent a box to my kiddo and I too late so it's not here yet either. I was upset, but had to keep reminding myself that Christmas was awesome in other ways, including the fact that my daughter and I are alive and well. And it turns out that my one friend I do have here got me 2 little gifts even tho we'd said we would only buy each other's kids gifts. She got me some caramel chocolates she saw me drooling over one day and a ceramic snow man because I said how few Christmas decorations I had and wished I'd had more. So I got a gift afterall, along with the kickass ham dinner she made for her husband, child, my daughter and I!!!
I know it sucks it didn't come yet, but, when it does come it will be THAT MUCH MORE exciting because you've waited longer then expected.
In the mean time you can plan out what you want to take shots of. And also figure out the best way to upload and sort them on your blog. Maybe even put a whole seperate link on the side because you know it's gonna get tons of views. We're all dying to to see whatever you share with us!!!

Take Care!

Cheryl said...

I know all about anticipation. I'll have to post on that subject sometime. Hope tomorrow brings that camera to you.