Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blogging Weather Roundup...

Yes, I actually check the weather of the various people whose blogs I read. I am a weather nut and should have been a meteorologist if it wasn't for the on air time.

We see Annabel of Story of My Life is in for some snow this weekend. I would love to go make some snowballs in her front yard and throw them at passersby on Friday.

Pipe Tobacco of The Thoughts of a Frumpy Professor is looking at mighty bland weather for the rest of the week in the far North. Shouldn't it be snowing up there?

Ah, good old thunderstorms are forecast for my neck of the woods this weekend. I do hope it is more than just this dreary rain we got during Christmas here.

Images courtesy of the National Weather Service.


Annabel said...

Any time you want to come visit and play in the snow is fine with me. We can also do snow angels and make snowmen... if it's not a school day of course!

m said...

That is sweet of you to check the weather for your blogger friends.