Monday, December 11, 2006

Beer Boxes in the Night…

I couldn’t sleep early this morning and hiked two hours for 6 miles before dawn. It was a cold, chilly, and damp start to the day. I once again hiked out to the end of spring road and back. The waning gibbous moon was obscured by thick clouds so it made for a spooky dark hike where I had trouble making out the road in front of me. I was fumbling for ecstasy in the dark.

At one point, there was a very dark form lying upon the middle of the road in front of me. At first, I thought it was either an animal or road kill. I walked upon it with trepidations only to find some drinking fool had thrown out the box to a case of beer. I picked it up and threw it off into the woods to the side of the road. It wouldn’t fit into my backpack to carry it home to the garbage can to throw it away. The cardboard will biodegrade.

I arrived home and took a long, hot shower and fixed a breakfast of cheese eggs, thick sliced bacon, grits, toast, and orange juice. Carolyn was still in the bed and I couldn’t get her up to come to kitchen to eat. She is off of work today and is sleeping in. My early morning rising aggravates her most days. She moaned and rolled over when I asked her if she was hungry. It was around 5 AM. She wishes I would stay in the bed as well.

I and Carolyn had a small argument over George last night.

“I wish you would tell him not to come over,” She told me. “I don’t like him. He is a drunk.”

“George is my friend and he has really cut down his drinking habit these days,” I replied.

“It won’t last for long,” Carolyn replied. “He will be back to his old ways.”

“I can’t help my friends aren’t perfect,” I said defensively.

“You should pick your friends more wisely,” Carolyn replied.

I let it go at that as I turned back to the boxcar I was airbrushing and weathering. Carolyn returned to watching the television. She almost started to reopen the argument, but I let it be plainly known that I had enough of that conversation by not participating any longer. Carolyn finally let it drop.


Red Robin. said...

Andrew, from what I've gathered over reading your blog over the years, you pick your friends very carefully.

You're one of the cleverer people out there that I know of.
There are some factors that do not necessarily contribute to a person being bad.

I hope you don't mind my waffle Andrew.

Stay well mate. You do a good job of helping those people too. You're a decent soul.

PipeTobacco said...


This seems to be a stickling point for you and Carolyn, sir. I would suggest (at a time when tempers are not primed) that you may wish to try (again during a time when neither of you are angry) to sit down with Carolyn and explain to her about a) how good a person George (Sherman) is, b) how it is not appropriate for one person (even in a relationship) to dictate to another who he/she can have for friends, and c) how it is very debilitating to a relationship to have one person not see, realize and understand a & b above.


SKQBDOO said...

I'm so glad you are back to your hiking. Do you find you have more endurance without the cigarettes?

Kristen said...

Ditto on Pipe Tobacco's advice.

Andrew said...

Thank you, Robin, for the kind words. You are a mate.


Thanks for the advice. Carolyn can just be kind of protective of me some days. She doesn’t want me to get into trouble.



I don’t think I could hike nine miles like I did yesterday if I was still smoking. I don’t have any shortness of breath whatsoever now. I still have a nagging cough though. I have years of gunk to clear from my lungs.



Thanks as always for your comments. You have such meaning to add to this blog.


Xohra said...

Why do people feel they can say mean things about other people who are different? You were right to defend your George.

Kristen said...

Thank you, Andrew. I am very glad to have 'met' you. You add depth to my knowledge of the world, and it is great getting to know a 'real' person. So many are a collection of facades.

Anonymous said...

Andrew...thanks for checking out my blog. I hope that your day goes well...I would really like to be able to hike but am unable to do so...since on my good days it is hard to walk now and that is with a cane and I need somedays to start walking with a walker....i am enjoying getting to know you from your blog....,osaic mind..aka Liz

Anonymous said...

whoops i meant to say mosaic mind....

Anonymous said...

I meant to say mosaic mind..