Friday, December 15, 2006

Andy Mckee - Drifting

Amazing talent with a guitar. I loved this being a big fan of acoustic guitar.


southeastnews said...

That was an amazing video, for sure. It was fascinating that he sounded like there were one or two people playing with him, but it was all solo. Add to that the fact there was no guitar strap to hold it in place while he did all of that. A magician, as well as a talented musician.

As you can see, I am still stuck in blogger-land, with no access to beta through my blog. The Google group Something Is Broken had 120 new messages today with the blogger/beta issues. I just revamped and organized my 5 blogger-blogs and hope they do not disappear as some have reported.

There are far fewer posts to your blog, Andrew, and I think many are having difficulty rather than not reading you. (Anyone wishing to contact me should click on my name.)

kristen said...

Click HERE for the HTML code to create live links.

I logged in to my google account and changed my first name to my URL and see that it now comes up as a live link instead of southeastnews.

This is getting to be a circus!

abbagirl74 said...

Loved that you posted about music again. I could actually write words to that song. Not that it would matter. It was great. I really like the music. It's something I would love listening to when I have my many road trips. So relaxing.

Summer said...

Andrew and readers... Excuse me for using this language, but, that music warrants this, that was f-ing amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

Loved it, Andrew. How did you find it?

Sue said...

I loved it too.
WOW what an artist, going back to listen to it again :-)

latibug said...

It was really good.

Do you play at all?