Monday, December 25, 2006

And the Rain Softly Falls…

When I get to feeling “mentally interesting” as my father likes to call me these past few days, one of my joys is camping out. There is just something so grounding and comforting about curling up in my sleeping bag and reading a good book with Maggie by my side. Last night, found me in a similar situation. It poured rain all night and that sound of the loud patter of those raindrops upon the fabric of my tent was music to ears. I often wistfully realize that I would be perfectly happy living year round in a tent in a warmer clime. I like that connectedness with nature that not having four walls surrounding you affords. The rain becomes a comfort and not some nagging occurrence of Mother Nature that keeps you locked indoors.

I trudged down to Fat Albert’s after breakfast to buy two packs of cigarettes. I just cannot live without it, it seems. I picked a terrible time to try and quit ALL my addictions. I wanted some comfort on Christmas day. I know. Admonish me.

“I thought you had quit,” Carolyn’s old friend and co-worker asked me.

“I did,” I replied as I scrounged up the change for two packs of cigarettes.

I was a quarter short. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a quarter and placed it upon the counter.

“Merry Christmas,” She said with a broad grin.

I then walked the mile back home in a pouring rain smoking cigarettes with my umbrella in hand. A Good Samaritan stopped in her car on the way home and asked me if I needed a ride. Being a small town, everyone knows my father.

“You sure you don’t need a ride?” The lady asked again as I declined.

I think she felt sorry for me as my jeans had gotten soaking wet from the driving rain we are experiencing today.

“I am fine and enjoying my wet walk,” I replied with a smile. “Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

I then swung on by the shopping center were the gang hangs out to buy some Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco for my tobacco pipe. Alas, they were closed and none of the gang was to be found out and about today. I could have used a long, stupid conversation with Big S or some of George’s antics today. I also missed my family and all their incorrigibleness today as well. I hope they get home soon and call me.


Cheryl said...

Getting the comment from you this morning really put a smile on my face. Thank you! I'll be thinking of you today, and waiting to hear new stories and see pictures. Do you have the camera? I'm as excited for you as if I were the one getting it.

Andrew said...


Hopefully, I will get my camera when my parents get home from my sister's house today. I have yet to open any presents and it is almost noon. I am so excited to be able to share photos again. I got my battery charger for the batteries to my camera charging in the wall as we write this. Whee!!

greglo said...

Hi andrew,
it's good to read from you again! I can't wait to hear that you got your new camera. Tell us about it ok?
Then, I hope we'll be delighted by great pictures from you. I'm really eager to see what your writing and your pictures will make of this blog... I trust it'll be mighty interesting!!!!

I hope you have a great time with your family.

By the way.... the way you like camping and how you feel close to nature is really something really stimulating to read.... there's definetely something of Kerouac and Thoreau in you!!!!! Quite a legacy!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm ready for more posts!!!!!

Love from Frogland!


Andrew said...


There is a restaurant near here that actually sells fried frog’s legs. I will have to go eat some and do a photo blog for you. I have always heard it tastes a lot like chicken.  Thank you for your comments as always.


SKQBDOO said...

Merry Christmas, Andrew! I can't wait to see the excitement your new camera will bring to all of us 4th Avenue Blues fans.

greglo said...

Yep Andrew, they do taste a lot like chicken... and for the records, it seems to me that even in France people eating them are fewer and fewer. It used to be something done by older generations. My grandparents had them one in a while, I haven't seen any frog legs at a dinner table in years... I used to find the idea of eating them totally disgusting when I was a child.

I can't wait for the photo blog!!!!!

Best thoughts,