Friday, November 17, 2006

Writing into a Black Hole…

I know how Pam feels these days as I get very few comments with lots reading…

"First, a bit of a lament: I don't know why no one is commenting anymore. I know my recent poems are good, and they certainly are relevant to this site. But I feel as if once again I'm writing into a black hole, a void, dropping my poems down a deep hole and hoping upon hope that somebody somewhere below is catching them, reading them and "getting" them, perhaps even appreciating them. I know you guys are stopping by to read this blog, because the counter keeps going up. But why does no one bother to say a word or two, acknowledge that fact? Don't you know how much it would mean to me? Don't you know how much it means to any writer? We are only human after all, and our egos are sensitive and easily crushed. We do not know that anyone cares when silence reigns; we need to be told that people are listening! So keep that in mind when you rush to read and leave without saying a word. Remember that I'm putting on the page little pieces of myself every day, depleting my soul, and getting nothing back. As a writer I understand that that is the bargain, the essential contract I make with the world. But since there is in a blog an easy built-in mechanism for reader feedback, it seems only fair to ask that some be given, at least from time to time..."

Pam Wagner’s WagBlog on

I endeavored to comment upon her blog after reading this. I am the world’s worst blog commenter. You have to really have touched my heart and soul for me to take the time to comment upon your blog. I have to feel comfortable with you. I must feel you are a true friend due to the paranoia of my illness. I have also found that comments are too glibly given often without forethought.

Pam, I am out here and about and I read you everyday. I will try to comment more often. Keep writing those wonderful poems and sharing the life of a woman with schizophrenia. You have touched my soul immeasurably.


Claudia said...

I'm not sure why, but sometimes, I feel a bit too intrusive leaving comments. Wait, maybe intrusive is not the right word. Maybe the word I'm looking for is presumptuous. I am not a writer, so I don't want to assume that what I have to say is really going to matter to the blogger. I do enjoy reading blogs. I guess that's just the voyeur in me. I have really become hooked on your blog and really look forward to new posts. I suppose the least I can do is drop you a comment or two to say I enjoy your insights. =) Happy Friday

Gail said...

I think that Claudia is exactly right! Sometimes a person's blog is so intensely personal that I don't want to break in on the author's privacy.
Yes I know that, "Duh, we're on the Internet!" but it does sometimes feel an intrusion into someone's inner thoughts.
With that "said" I want to add that I enjoy your writing skill, your stories, and your ability to convey a sense of what is going on within each of your cast of characters without judgement.
I drop by most days to catch up with you.
Keep up what you're doing. It is terrific.

abbagirl74 said...

I guess I break the mold. I feel like I comment too much.

m said...

I asked some people in my real life who read my blog why they don't comment, one person said: "I couldn't think of anything profound to say!"

Well, it doesn't have to be profound! Just a hello would be nice sometimes.

Also, I have seen blogs where people get LOTs of comments but the actual comments are pretty inane.

Happy medium! I guess that is what we are all looking for with comments and with life!

Cheryl said...

HI Andrew,
You know I'm always reading. Every day. A couple of times a day. It took a while in the beginning before I felt comfortable enough to comment. Now I do it all the time!

ellesu said...

Well, I feel the same as I'm interpreting some of the other comments to say. I don't want to waste you time and space to keep saying -- love your blog! (Even tho I do.) :)

IMO, you have such insight into your situation that I'm learning from you. I have a son who is close to your age, and the way you express yourself reminds me of him. He's not as open at expressing his feelings as you, so as I read your thoughts I search for clues as to what he may be feeling -- and any way I might be able to help or support him.

Thank you for sharing.

Now....if we could just get you to say "Roll Tide" instead of ...... :)

I'm afraid it's going to be a l-o-n-g game tomorrow.

Holly said...

I read every day… it’s the last thing I do before I leave for work each morning. While my cloths are in the dryer and one egg is bobbing around in boiling water… I sit at my computer to read your blog. Some days I’m even late for work because I can’t pull myself away from the computer :) And usually… I head for my computer just when I get home and pull up 4th Avenue Blues to see what Jonathon has posted for the day. In most of the blogs I have surfed through and read… I rarely see any comments from readers. I think you get more than most blogers do. And… I suspect you probably have a large readership as well. Most days I want to leave a comment but feel that my thoughts are to insignificant. But im always reading and enjoying your style of writing, your view of the world around you and updates about the gang.

latibug said...

I read your blog everyday. I may not always comment and I need to get better about that...I do apologize. I love the way you write so honestly about what happens in your life. I wish I had that talent to write like that.

Just know you are not alone!


Melanie said...

i hope it's not freaking you out that i'm back-reading to catch up on your story here in blogland. i'm not a stalker, it's just that when i find a blog that really speaks to me i want to flesh out the person i'm learning about as much as i can by getting up to date on their story. i've got you on my blog list on my own blog, but until i have caught up i kind of bring the computer to work, set it on my desk, and open up several tabs with things i'm working on reading, your blog being one of them, and leave them sitting open on my desk all day so that when i have a moment at the desk i can grab a paragraph or two here and there. anyway, that was a huge digression to simply add that i have found a frustrating lack of commenting action in blogspot land, too. i can see that people are going there and reading, but nobody said anything for the first TWO YEARS that i was on there. this was particularly weird to me because i've been on livejournal since 2001 and have several hundred people who come by every day, and even stupid little posts like "Hi, Y'all" get something like 30 responses. in blogspot land, it's like there's nothing. i kept abandoning the journal because of the lack of interaction, but this year i'm being more hardheaded about it and finally people are making their presence known. it's kind of creepy knowing that a bazillion watching eyes are out there, and none of them are even introducing themselves. just part of it, though, i guess.