Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Tale of Dexter…

I ended up missing George’s little cookout yesterday afternoon. I got consumed with doing something on this computer and never called him back. George showed up over at my house just about dark fall with several grilled hamburgers wrapped in aluminum foil. They were delicious.

George did manage to get quite a group of the gang together though. There was Droopy, Big S, Ferret, Cap w/ Tag Guy, and a new member of the gang I am simply calling Dexter these days. George regaled me in a tale of Dexter last night as we sat in my den while I ate a supper of hamburgers and potato chips.

“That son of bitch be done got arrested last week for stealing pork chops,” George said of Dexter.

“Where?” I asked. “Shop lifting down at the shopping center?”

“No, that crazy motherfucker broke into his neighbor’s house and stole the damn things off the stove just after his neighbor had done been finished frying them!”

“God!” I exclaimed. “Doesn’t Dexter get food stamps?”

“He be sayin’ tonight that them pork chops got to smelling so good he just couldn’t resist,” George replied laughing.

I laughed back. “That must have been one powerful hunger.”

Something’s not quite right with Dexter. I hesitate to say he is mentally retarded, but he is definitely slow and child like. He does have this air of charming innocence about him. I have been seeing him often these days walking through town to check the dumpsters behind the various stores for riches only a poor man would hold dear. He is slowly becoming a regular of the gang. I need to add him to the cast of characters.


m said...

The lure of the pork chop...I can understand the temptation!
I love the smell of bacon frying. That is what brought me back to meat the first time I fell off the vegetarian wagon.

eSaDeLbLoG said...

Hi there, I'm reading you from Spain. your blog is really nice. You're doing a good job.

curious servant said...

It has been a while since I last visited. I thought I'd leave a thank you note for the good read and to avoid a "lurker" moniker.

Take care.

Jade said...

Hi Andrew,
Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been dealing with my own demons as you can certainly understand. I wanted to let you know that I stopped in today and love what you've done with the page! I'll try and keep up with you as best I can. I'm overly medicated and under motivated these days to do the have to do much less the things I want to do!