Monday, November 13, 2006

Stuck in Computer Hell…

It is 3 A.M. in the morning. I have been stuck in computer hell all last night and early this morning. I had an old PCI TV tuner card from 2001 and grew determined I was going to get it to work in my fast gaming computer for which I have turned into my main blogging and writing computer these days. After hours later and two reinstalls of Windows XP, I finally got it working and stable. I can now watch and record television on both my computers. It was a headache though. I had to try numerous PCI slots to get the tuner to work right and without lockups. I have also drunk enough cokes and smoked enough cigarettes to put a man with a lesser constitution into an early grave.

Carolyn came by last night and got thoroughly outdone with me for my obsession with getting my computers back in action and not spending time with her.

“I drive all the way other here to find you obsessed with those damned computers,” She told me standing above me as I lay on the floor reinserting my sound card and TV tuner card and tightening them up with a screwdriver.

“I told you I was busy when you called,” I replied matter-of-factly intent upon my task at hand.

“I know. I was just missing you,” She said. “I just have to work all the time and we never get to see each other.”

“Honey, I am sorry. I just want to get this fixed tonight. It is driving me crazy,” I replied. “I hate it when my computers are down. I promise I will make it up to you soon.”

Carolyn kissed me good night and drove on home to go to bed. She has another early morning today at work. I also had a short phone call from George last night. He was telling me more about Ferret.

“That dumb mother fucker spent fifty dollars on a tent yesterday,” George told me.

George would have died if I had revealed that I spent over $200 for my nice Kelty expedition tent.

“What do you expect? That is going to be his home,” I replied. “Hell, in all, I spent $35,000 on my house and counting.”

“You didn’t pay shit,” George said. “Yo crazy ass father paid all that.”

“Don’t think I probably won’t pay for it in one way or another though,” I said bluntly. “He will hold it over me and expect me to do his bidding.”

“I’d kiss his white ass if he bought me a house,” George said as he laughed. “I still have to live with momma and she keeps nagging me about getting a real job.”

I laughed back and told George he was right and finally got off the phone. George could have talked for hours more. I had to get back to computer hell. It seems everyone was conspiring against me last night and my obsession.

In other news, I order my Christmas gifts tomorrow. I decided on an even nicer Canon digital camera; a ten mega-pixel model with a 4 GB memory card. I am also ordering a new dual layer DVD burner so I can record the football bowl games on my computer, burn them to DVD, and watch them over and over on my Sony television and DVD player.

Well, let me close this long winded post and go curl up in the bed. I have the Walton’s set to record on my computer in the morning so I can sleep in. I am addicted to that show for some strange reason. It reminds me of life on my grandmother’s farm.


Summer said...

When the Waltons were on prime time, my sister got so wrapped up in the show. I knew she'd gone over the edge one day when I stopped by to see her and she was making vegetable soup on the top of her wood stove.

abbagirl74 said...

I have never seen the Waltons nor have a heard of it. I didn't watch much television growing up, and read a lot instead. Now I am curious.

Kristen said...

Summer: I am in the process of putting in a wood-stove, and I made sure it was one with a cook top. I plan on lots of vegetable soup being cooked on it!

Andrew: Sorry you had so much trouble with the computers. I'll bet Carolyn would appreciate some warm thoughts from you now that you have solved the computer problem and can re-focus.

findingmyway said...

hey andrew
whats ur email address?

Cheryl said...

I used to love the Waltons. A great family show. It seems the closest we have to that nowadays is 7th Heaven, but it's far from the same.

2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

Ah The Waltons. My Mom is a stickler for 'good clean television'. As a child we were only allowed to watch such shows. To this day I don't mind watching The Waltons. I think it's because of the circle of love the family had was so precious.
My Mom is the same now. She watches Nick At Nite and the other channels that show such programs as The Waltons, Leave It To Beaver, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Mr. Ed etc etc. Thanks for reminding me of my memories with this entry! (Even though it also brings up annoying current day memories of having to watch those shows knowing my favorite programs are on a different channel and Mom won't hand over the remote HAHA)

austere said...

10 megapixel and 4 gb! wow.
pls pls pls andrew, pictures on the trail! i remember that crisp sunrise one you had here sometime back.