Monday, November 20, 2006

Meddling Blog Template Owners Unite!

Okay, I think this template will do the trick. I just wasted an hour of my life reading tutorials on Photoshop about how to balance colors on different images within the program. Thus you get the above header graphic that more closely resembles these new blog colors chosen. I know I drive bloggers like Pipe Tobacco mad with my constant changing of the look of this blog. He has kept the same design for years with just subtle changes to his colors upon his template. I just can’t leave well enough alone and love to experiment with new designs and looks. I know I must be odd in that I rarely see other blog authors change their templates, but I love fiddling around with my design and can pass hours in a moment's notice doing so. I hope that some of these html and computer skills will lead to some kind of rewarding employment some day. God knows, I spend enough time fiddling with this kind of crap.

If you have read for a long time, then you know I have a phobia about talking on the phone. In all of my illustrious *cough* blogging career, I have only talked to a handful of blog readers namely Di, Crystal (The formerly and once famous homeless girl in Boston), and Abbagirl. I did get a message from Kristen the other day, but was not at home at the time.

Tonight, I got on the ball earlier about finding Ferret some type of living arrangements. George has been boasting for weeks that his “philanthropic” cousin was willing to put Ferret up in a spare room for $75 bucks a week. I finally called George and got Monte’s number and reluctantly called. I hate talking on the damn phone though. Especially with someone I don’t feel comfortable with or don’t know very well.

Sure enough, Monte had heard George speak of Ferret and Monte needs extra cash these days. He said Ferret could rent out the backroom in his home for only $50 dollars a week. That includes access to a kitchen and a laundry room. I told Monte that I think I knew of a tenant and would get back to him tomorrow. Hopefully, Ferret will agree to this and we can get him out of this persistent cold. He has been awfully apathetic about finding a home these days though. I think it is just depression from experiencing the condition that was thrust upon him yet once again after all his advances in turning his life around. Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome tomorrow.


abbagirl74 said...

I will definitely keep you and Ferret in my thoughts. You were in my thoughts today as I was busy with work. When it got stressful, I just thought, "I wonder what Andrew is doing?" It helps.

I will be calling again soon, but will let you know when I do so. I miss your voice.

Claudia said...

I hope Ferrett can accept the help he so direly needs right now. Winter has just begun and I can only imagine how hard life would be out in the elements. Good luck with trying to convince him to come in out of the cold.

BTW, I miss the pumpkin pie. =)

zirelda said...

Here's hoping for Ferret.

Kristen said...

I, for one, really like the look you have achieved with your template. I have gone so far as to learn how to add links to the link list. I would like to make the readable area wider like yours, as it is much nicer than having to scroll down three screens for a long post!

Great job on everything. Looks very professional.

Glad you got my phone message. It was an offer to talk if you felt like it, and if you had been home but did not want to talk, that would have been fine.

I hope it works out for Ferret.

Kristen said...

Your blog work must explain why you were offline around 6:30. Glad you are back!

Di said...

Yay! *fingers crossed* that he accepts a roof over his head.

I so appreciated the time you took on the phone with me. I also like when you "mess" with the template :) I mean, why not change it to suit your whim? :)

greglo said...

I like the way you work on your blog very much. It goes very well with your writing. If we look at the whole thing, well this blog of yours is a nice piece of art!

Fingers crossed for Ferret and all the other friends around.

Is it indiscreet to ask who are the characters on your profile photographs? ...Alabama (seeing it on your profile...) yesterday I was watching an old video from Lynyrd Skynyrd singing Sweet Home Alabama and i'm wondering if they are still a well-known band there? They are one of my favourites and have been since my teenage years... along with the Allman Bros. Band... and some others...

Anyway, best luck again with Ferret and all my admiration for your blog!

Friendliest thoughts,