Thursday, November 30, 2006

Laundry List…

1) I got my shot and within an hour felt completely better and more of a sound mind. When I get to feeling like I have the first of the week, I tend to self medicate with alcohol. Mom drove me down to the doctor’s office and she is a very scary driver. Mom always has a million other things on her mind other than is what on the road.

2) Then I and mom ate breakfast at McDonalds. I find their food so sub par, but was hungry and ate two southern style chicken biscuits and drank an OJ. It always amazes me at the vast lines going through the drive through. Don’t these people realize they would save twenty minutes of waiting by just walking inside and ordering?

3) I and mom then went up to Kroger. Helen, their cook and maid, needed some French style green beans to accompany the ham she was cooking for supper. My mother wrote a check for $1.36 which made me blush. My mother will write a check for fifty cents and it embarrasses me.

4) I arrived home to find my back door wide open. The wind had blown it open and luckily Maggie was asleep in my recliner. I never lock my door and need to get into the habit after what happened today. I guess I just invited all the local thieves to come hang out by writing that.

5) Mom then came and got my car to go get a spare key made. My mother is obsessive compulsive about keys and it has worried the shit out of her that I only have one car key. She wants to keep the other in her purse. I offered to pay, but she wouldn’t let me. Mom arrives back at my house and couldn’t get the key out of the ignition (she had left my Honda in gear). She gets out of my car and it goes rolling down my driveway almost out into the street. I had to run and catch it. My mother is just a little mechanically challenged.

6) I then went on a short daily hike and was just soaking wet from sweat. It is a very warm day today before the cold front arrives. I did stop by the shopping center and bought a one pound bag of sugar for my daily cups of hot tea. Cap w/ Tag Guy and Dexter were out in front shooting the shit as George likes to say. Dexter had on an old and tattered AC/DC Back in Black t-shirt and it made me smile. You don’t think of a black man being an AC/DC fan. I guess I shouldn’t generalize like that.


SimplyTim said...


Welcome back. Now I can enjoy my morning coffee all that much more again.

Re: "Don’t these people realize they would save twenty minutes of waiting by just walking inside and ordering?"

It's such a sad commentary on how the service industry can "steal" quality of life. Rush, rush, wait, wait, be frustrated, go into a rage, get some more fast food for instant (non) talk about crazy!

Thanks for the opportunity to rant.

di said...

Great to see you're back! :)

The stories of your mother's little eccentricites are especially enjoyable. To me, anyway.

Hang in there :)

greglo said...

Funny, I've been wondering the very same thing about MCD's here in France too. So many cars waiting in line, so very few people inside at the counter....

glad to see you're back!

Best thoughts!


abbagirl74 said...

My dear friend,
It is snowing so hard here right now. I wish you and Maggie could be here to play in the snow with me. One of my favorite things to do after the first snow is to go to the park at night. You don't need any lights because the glistening snow lights up the dark earth. You have been in my thoughts today as I came home from work early and read that you are enjoying the warm weather. It is soooo cold here. When you get a chance, look up the area on your weather station, and you will see the blizzard we are currently experiencing. Have a great day.

Summer said...

It's warm here too, but it promises to end by tomorrow night.

I never wait in line in the drive through, I always go inside.

It's makes me happy that you're feeling better.

Holly said...

So glad you are back and feeling better. Hope the rest of the week goes well for you :)

Sue said...

Glad to see your feeling better,

austere said...


Cheryl said...

It's a new day..hope it continues to be a good one. I wonder if your area will be affected by the front moving thru today?