Friday, November 24, 2006

For Summer: My House in Review…

Summer had wanted me to describe my new house since I will not be getting my camera until Christmas. I actually had some “before” photos on my computer somewhere, but now can’t find them to post them.

It is an older house that has been completely remodeled, rewired, and with new plumbing. It is a small house with only two bedrooms, one den, one bathroom, and a small kitchen. It will be perfect for little ole me though. I also have a large and spacious basement with room for my car in the garage which will be awesome as my Honda has got to last me for at least another decade.

My bathroom has been completely redone with new tile and fixtures. A rectangular skylight window has been added to the bathroom making it seem much brighter and bigger. We kept the old cabinets in the kitchen and will just repaint them. I do have all new appliances in my kitchen though which will be so nice. I have never had a dishwasher before and am looking forward to that time saving step as I cook a lot. My den is a pretty decent size considering the small size of the house. I will be able to add my upright Kimball piano, entertainment center, my sleep away couch, and my two lazy boy recliners so I will have plenty of room for company if they come to stay.

Some recent work done has been to add a laundry room off the back of my kitchen to house my washer and dryer. Last week, I had a completely new roof put on. All that is really left to do is a final coat of paint and to put down some linoleum in the kitchen and to carpet my bedrooms, hall, and den.

I also have a very spacious yard and hope to build a fence for Maggie. Until then, Maggie will have to be a house dog as she doesn’t have much common sense when running free and will chase the neighbors as they walk by protecting me and our home.

All of this was done on a less than $35,000 budget so things have been tight these past few years. I will be so nice to actually own my own home and I will never have to worry about homelessness again.


Annabel said...

I can't wait for pictures, but what a lovely description!

Holly said...

I am so envious… this sounds wonderful!

austere said...

Wow.Will you have a garden later? There is a deck?

Summer said...

Sounds great. Now you know I'm going to ask more questions. I'm just nosy like that. Is it a rambler or a bungalow? Do you have a front porch? Is it brick or a type of siding? If it's siding, what color? What kind of trees do you have in the yard? Any gardenias or magnolias? Is the driveway paved or gravel? A sidewalk out front? Do you want to call me and tell me to shut up yet? Thanks Andrew. I appreciated that. Sounds perfect for you and Maggie.