Saturday, November 25, 2006

And the Beautiful Weather Just Keeps Coming…

I had another wonderful hike today. The weather was just perfect for shorts and a t-shirt. I once again hiked down to the rails. I stopped by the old depot which is now a museum and admired the bright, maroon red caboose from the now defunct Chattahoochee Valley Railroad. Railroads quit using cabooses back in the late eighties and early nineties so this was a definite relic from the past.

I then walked over by Ferret’s old camping site, through the woods, and to the river. I sat watching that cold, green water swirl as I drank my Gatorade and ate some Kroger brand trail mix I had in my backpack. I felt solidly grounded and oh so content. It was a very pleasant experience. I longed for a fishing pole and an old coffee can full of night crawlers.

As I walked on up through the shopping center after leaving the river, I saw Ferret making his way down by the dollar store. He saw me and walked over to talk.

“George is looking for you,” He replied. “He was just through here; something about a cookout tonight. I am going as well.”

“Dammit, did he get his car fixed?” I asked Ferret.

“Yeah, that crazy bastard was driving.”

“I give it two more weeks and he will be back in jail,” I replied. “He is already violating his parole.”

Ferret laughed in agreement knowing I was probably right.

“So, how are things working out with you and Monte?” I then asked.

“He snores like a freight train and I can hear him clear on the other end of the house,” Ferret said. “Other than that, things have been fine.”

“Good to hear,” I said as I patted him upon the shoulder. “Hang in there. Things will just keep getting better.”

I told Ferret goodbye and walked on home to find a message from George on my answering machine. It went as follows:

Hey, you crazy white ass cracka. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out to the lake to grill out this evening. We will be gettin’ the guys and be cookin’ some burgers. Mommas already made up the patties and made a condiment plate for us. I just need you to get the charcoal. Be callin’ me back.

I tried to call George back, but he had his cell phone turned off for some reason. Hopefully, I will get in touch with him before it gets too late. I wouldn’t mind some grilled hamburgers for supper.

On a side note, I bought Maggie some rawhide bones and it is Christmas come to town for a little dog today. If I knew she would have liked the little two for $3 dollar bones like she has, I would have been buying them all along. She is now sleeping on the floor at my feet curled up around her cherished gift. It is an endearing sight to see.


Kristen said...

Nice day here, too. I've been working in the yard. Nice to hear you and Maggie are both content. :)

Holly said...

I love it when you write how George talks to you. Really a hoot!

Claudia said...

I bought my son a few tank engines and a set of tracks today. Since his birthday is on Christmas day I had to buy two presents. He LOOOOOOOVES choo-choos (as he calls them). When did your love for trains start?

p.s. I love your posts about Maggie. You can really tell how much you love your dog.

Summer said...

I love trains. I used to ride them a lot when I was little. I miss laying in my iron bed at my grandmother's house in the summer listening to the whistles in the dark. It's a comforting sound to me.

austere said...

The bones sound good. Havent tried any personally, heh.

eSaDeLbLoG said...

in Barcelona, Spain, winmter has still not shown up! Believe me I hope temperature just cold down a bit!