Thursday, November 16, 2006

After the Storm…

I know it looked odd me unloading bundles of firewood next to the pulpwood yard adjacent to the train tracks this morning and carrying it back into the thicket of woods nearby. I got quite a few stares from the pulpwood workers in that yard this morning as they loaded train cars full of pine logs.

Ferret had a rough day yesterday. It sucks to be homeless when the weather rages outside like it did for most of the day. It rained over two inches and we had several tornado warnings; the glaring blare of the warning sirens rang several times yesterday throughout the afternoon. Fortunately, Ferret’s tent weathered the storm without any leaks. He had staked it down properly and dug a shallow trench around the perimeter like I told him to do.

“What did you do all day yesterday?” I asked him as I greeted him this morning.

“I just laid in my sleeping bag and slept all day as it poured down rain,” Ferret replied.

Ferret was glad to get all that wood this morning and gave me a twenty dollar bill and told me to keep the change. He had no way of transporting the wood back to his campsite and I do have a car so I didn’t mind doing it.

Someone had emailed me yesterday; someone who I didn’t have any idea who they were. They asked me if I was getting a little too attached to a homeless man and was being a little obsessive with my help. I disagree. I am only doing what I would have wanted a friend to do for me when I was homeless as well. The only people that hang out with homeless people tend to be other homeless people and miscreants like George and the gang. I cast aside that stereotype. I consider myself one of the brethren being a formerly homeless man. I will leave it up to Ferret to decide when I am helping too much. He will have no qualms about telling me so as he can be very forward and blunt.


di said...

hey again :) Boundaries. You have them. You and I have talked before about social workers burning out and/or becoming homeless and addicted themselves. They had no boundaries. I think people like the person who wrote to you with their concerns is like any number of the majority in our world. They are afraid to get close to a homeless person out of fear. A fear that they could end up homeless themselves. They don't want to get too close. Just in case it rubs off, or something.

You have great instincts and good sense. You'll be fine I have no doubt :)

Andrew said...

Thanks Di. :-) It is very good to get a comment from you.

Gr0undzer0 said...

I was randomly clicking the next button on the top of the blogger site in my Political science Class... I came upon this one.. I am impressed. I figure I'll let you know that you have another reader... Nice to meet you.. and your blog.


zirelda said...

Frankly I don't see how caring for someone and being a friend adds up to getting too attached and obsessive. Maybe if you moved out there with Ferret?

You care. That is a fine thing.

Kim said...

I think it is cool that you are helping a Homeless friend. I don’t think you can really help a friend too much. Keep doing what you are going. Be that cool person I know you are. I just wish I had a friend like you to help me with such thinks. Email me soon. I emailed you today and haven’t heard back from you. Hope things are well. I keep hoping for an evening post.

2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

I agree with the comments above me, and do not think you are too attached. You do what you can, when you can.
Being too attached would mean going way out of your way and depriving yourself to help him, which you clearly do not do. You know your bounderies, you relate to his situation so understand the needs, and there is a friendship there.
Friends help friends. "That's what friends are for". Don't let that email get to you.


Holly said...

I wonder if the emailer had not read enough of your blog to know that you have been in the same place that Ferret is now in? When we go through something like that, it creates empathy for others in the same situation. I love that you are creating community in every place in your life. When I read about your relationships with “The Gang” it encourages me to reach out to people also. You are a blessing!

Summer said...

I wish I was more like you. Just reading your blog has made me a better person.

Sweet dreams tonight.