Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is your diagnosis?

I am officially diagnosed as schizoaffective; having symptoms of both bipolar and schizophrenia.  I get an every two week injection of Risperdal Consta to control my symptoms.  I also take Luvox, Lithium, and Klonopin to help.

When did you realize you had a problem?

In the early nineties when I was in college, I started to think my neighbors were spying on me.  I thought they had bugged my phone and put cameras in my ceilings.  I went so far as to tear out the ceilings of my apartment costing my father thousands of dollars in repairs.  I would also only make phone calls on payphones. 

You were married once, right?

I was married to a very beautiful, rotund woman named Rachel.  We were only married for two years; both of us having problems with mental illnesses.  She was a very wealthy woman and I lived a life of opulence for those two short years before she divorced me.  I was very mentally ill and signed over everything to her in the divorce.  All I got was a computer, camping supplies, my clothes, and a new motorcycle.

Tell me about your homelessness… 

I was homeless for six months after my divorce.  I was ostracized by my family for being a mentally ill drunkard. I had nowhere to go having lost my home.  I lived in a tent on some land by a pond my family owns.  I have a lot of fond memories and a lot of terribly, miserably cold memories of that time.  I was literally drunk for six months straight without ever sobering up.  It’s all a blur of memories now. 

Since you don’t work, how do you support yourself?

I receive a monthly disability allotment from Social Security.  It’s around a thousand dollars.  I have very few bills other than the bare necessities thus can live pretty comfortably on such a small amount of money.

What about your addictions?

I’ve been sober for about 3 years now.  I had a long time love affair with beer and alcohol.  I also struggle with other addictions such as food, cigarettes, caffeine, Benadryl, etc. I have a very addictive personality.  It is a constant and tiresome struggle. 

What about Maggie?

Maggie was a rescue puppy.  Dad found her thrown in a trash dumpster.  She was anemic, eaten up with fleas, starving, and suffering from the early stages of heatstroke.  She’s about four years old now so still has a lot of puppy left in her.  Dad calls her my wife.  She is right where ever I am.  She has to keep up with me.