Thursday, September 21, 2000

About Me

A schizophrenic and gratefully recovering alcoholic who is a foodie and lover of trains, I write about my daily life and all its strange variances. I'm a writer and artist residing in a small town in eastern Alabama. I was homeless for six months during the winter of 2004. Ask me about it sometimes or I will probably write about anyway at one point or the other. It was such a defining time in my life.

I knew I wanted to be a story teller the moment I found out about blogs. I started writing and the rest was history. The genesis of my blog was writing about my homeless days and evolved to encompass a group of misfits that hang out down at a local shopping center. Lately, the blog has centered more around my journey through sobriety and my recovery from my mental illness. You will also read of Rosa, my lover and confidant. She was also homeless while residing in Atlanta and our mutual experiences have made us fast and best friends.